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Origami Graphics is a small graphic design boutique with a focus on branding and layout. I specialise in logo design and branding packages, but that's just the tip of the iceberg - my portfolio also includes illustrations, reports, book typesetting, web design, invitations, handmade cards, infographics, posters and signage... the list goes on!

As a young person living and working in Canberra, I know how important it is to have both flexibility and affordability. For this reason, you can get all your designs done online - while you're at work or in the comfort of your own home.


The Process

The first step in our design process is a good chat about what you want to achieve and how. From there, Origami will draft a design brief outlining what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, what the end objectives are, and how much it will all cost you. We won’t start the project until you’re happy with the brief!

From there, we'll start developing your concepts. Communication will run mostly electronically so that you can oversee your project and receive your files securely from the convenience of your own space. You’re then free to send your files to your printer of choice for implementation and production, or have Origami organise printing for you.

All of Origami’s invoices and records are proudly paperless. The few business cards I print are made from 100% recycled paper. See Origami’s Environmental Policy for more information.

Why Choose Origami?

When doing business, it can be daunting to choose an individual rather than an established agency. Here are some reasons why working with Origami Graphics is an excellent idea:

  • Your project gets the one-on-one attention and respect only an individual can offer.
  • You get to experience a fresh and unique design style that your competitors aren’t already using.
  • You pay less, because you’re only paying one wage and no GST.
  • You’re always speaking with the same person.
  • You help the Australian economy by stimulating small business and diversifying the design industry.


If you'd like to browse current fees or request a personalised quote, click the button below.