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Taylor Eggleton | BA Digital Design and Production | BSc Psychology


Hey - I'm Taylor, a Canberra graphic designer and the owner of Origami Graphics.


I love to get creative, immersing myself deeply in creating design solutions which bolster brands, businesses and identities. My background in Psychology and a strong sense of social justice inform my work, and I'm happiest when design brings joy, is functional, or makes people's lives easier. I'm also big on flexibility - and I've built my business so that you can experience professional graphic design solutions by e-mail, phone, or face-to-face. It's that easy.


I’ve worked for clients all over Australia, and you'll find Government agencies, individuals, small businesses, not-for-profit foundations, and large firms in my portfolio. Thanks to experience in a huge range of industries, I understand how to make your collateral as effective as possible. Give me a call or send through a message to have a chat about what I can do for you. 

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my story

My friends would describe me in a few words: creative, dedicated, and stubborn.

I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, but I've always been in the hold of perfectionism. I vividly remember being about eight years old, coming home from school every day, sitting at the head of our dining table and drawing for 3 hours. Not many of those drawings would see the light of day - if it wasn't perfect, I screwed it up and threw it away. My mother did not enjoy this.

I also had some issues in high school art. A lot of contemporary art is based on making people think and feel - I just wanted to design things that looked nice and brought joy. Inspired by picture books, Japanese anime and illustrators, I was far keener on the storytelling component of art and often butted heads with my art teacher - who wanted me to experiment with abstraction and concepts which I knew were not my thing. I did far better in Design and Graphics, where I could spend blissful hours rendering technical drawings, designing packaging and making logos.


In 2014, I started studying Design (Hons) and Public Relations at the University of New South Wales. I loved the PR component, but absolutely hated the design! It harked right back to high school art - I found it too abstract and elite - and I craved being able to learn technical skills and real solutions. I dropped out and went back home to Canberra, where I took a semester off to travel Japan and think about my future career.

Mid-2015 saw me enrol at the University of Canberra in a combined degree of Psychology and Arts. I chose Design as my first Arts major and Japanese as my second, which I undertook cross-institutionally at ANU. While people still get confused when I tell them what I studied, this let me explore all my passions at once and start contributing meaning to people's lives - I loved it! I still use everything I learned in psychology to inform my design and client marketing choices today - and it's quite clear that my love of Japanese culture has influenced my business name and branding, too. By the time I graduated in May 2019, I already had a year of my own business behind me, government and university clients, and very high-level skills in industry-leading design applications.

January through March 2019 saw me undertake branding work for the Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General and the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth.

In mid-2019, I designed, laid out, typeset and fully hand-illustrated The Boy Who Became Santa Claus by Sydney author Paul Stevens. This was recently featured on Studio 10.

Presently, I'm working on a complete branding package for upcoming Melbourne game studio, Studio Drydock; designing publications for Carers Australia; and wrapping up work for Canberra bar Hippo Co. Following graduation from Marie Forleo's B-School, this year's focus is taking Origami Graphics even further. 

what else?

  • I looooove Taylor Swift. reputation is an underrated masterpiece.

  • I have a penchant for collecting Copic Markers. My current count is 150.

  • You'll often find me working alongside a burning candle with a Youtuber in the background.

  • I spend most of my downtime cooking, gaming and reading.

  • I'm trying to grow bonsai right now. I've got an apple and a cherry going. Let's see if they survive the Canberra winter.


Do I sound like your kind of girl? Get in touch for a quote on your dream project.

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Taylor Eggleton

(+61) 0432 714 097


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