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Why You Need One

There is no comparison between a publication handcrafted by a graphic designer, and one put together in Microsoft Word or Canva. If you're a business, your professionalism is at stake. The look and feel of your publication - the size of the pages, the cover design, the margin spacing, the font choices - can actively change how people perceive your business and whether or not they choose to trust you.

In particular, professional graphics such as graphs and diagrams can really help communicate to your stakeholders that you are on top of your game and willing to make the best investments possible for your business or organisation. These assets also help to communicate your information as clearly as possible.

How it Works

  • I'll send you a questionnaire so I can get to know you and your design needs

  • I'll develop a quote by looking at your manuscript, the amount of pages, the complexity of the content, whether or not illustrations or graphics are needed, and your desired outcomes

  • I'll send over a design brief, including finalised quote, for you to read over and agree to

  • You'll pay a 35% deposit

  • Once the brief is agreed to and deposit is paid, design commences in Adobe InDesign

  • I'll design a few pages and send these over for approval before applying the style to the entire piece

  • You get to give feedback on what you like and don't like, and I'll take that on board before I continue at every stage

  • If you need more work than allowed for in your quote, you can simply choose to pay for more hours at any time

  • This process generally takes between 2 weeks and several months depending on the type of publication and number of pages. A simple report will be closer to 2 weeks, while a large annual or financial report may take 1-2 months.


Taylor Eggleton

(+61) 0432 714 097

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